Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income Securities (FIS) are short, medium and long term debt instruments, which include Government and private sector securities, namely treasury bills, treasury bonds, reverse-repurchase agreements, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, debentures, commercial papers and asset backed securities. These securities are diversified asset classes that could have a place in your portfolio, whether your investment objective is income, capital preservation, liquidity or growth.

Your FIS portfolios would have combined characteristics such as generating regular interest income, tax exemptions on certain securities, various tenures and the ability to liquidate.


  • Gilt Edged fund

Your portfolio will consist of T-Bills, T-Bonds and Reverse Repurchase agreements.


  • Corporate Debt Fund

Your portfolio will consist of secured and unsecured debt instruments which can be in listed / unlisted debentures, commercial papers and asset backed securities.


  • Gilt Edged and Corporate Debt Fund

Your portfolio will consist of both gilt edged and corporate debt funds.

Your funds would be invested in short term money market and capital market instruments that generate a fixed return over a period of time. Our team of wealth enhancers will strive to earn excess returns to your portfolio and beat the benchmark return by actively trading and taking advantage of market volatility, managing allocations across broad types of fixed income securities as well as industries within the corporate sector, managing duration and selecting individual securities that offer the most relative value in terms of return, risk and liquidity.