Capital Market Operations


  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)

Our team provides integral advisory services that include mapping out and executing the optimum strategy for IPO activities, preparing and submitting necessary applications to the relevant authorities, liaising with the regulators to obtain respective approvals, arranging underwriting facility and placement in relation to the securities to be offered by conducting road shows.


  • Private Placements / Private Equity

We at Trillion Investments assist our clients with sourcing capital to fund their growth and realize their full potential through our regular interactions with institutional investors and high net worth individuals. A highly organized, efficient process helps us to successfully raise private equity for a diverse range of clients, while building customized solutions to best suit each transaction.


  • Preference Share Issues

We will assist and advise our clients on the optimal capital structure. Our analysis would entail giving you a clear understanding of a post performa balance sheet. Trillion Investments will prepare and submit necessary applications to the relevant authorities, prepare prospectus and liaise with the regulators to obtain respective approvals.