Corporate Advisory Services


  • Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide corporate advisory services to listed and unlisted companies in planning and implementing optimum strategies for mergers and acquisitions through inter alia, acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, management buy-outs, take-overs, reverse take-overs and de-mergers. We also carry out valuations of companies as well as assisting clients in identifying potential merger partners and take-over targets.


  • Corporate and Financial Restructuring

Our team with its industry expertise is able to offer tailor made restructuring solutions for existing businesses. We have a wide range exposure and expertise at very senior levels and are able to restructure and strengthen your balance sheet and enhance operational efficiency and profitability to your organization. This will ultimately result in the optimal value enhancement of your organization, raising additional debt and equity and setting the stepping stone for a proposed listing in the future.


  • Business Valuations

Buying or selling a business is always an intense and demanding process for all involved. Our experienced corporate advisory team will accompany you through this process – your trusted advisor at your side. We will carry out the necessary business valuations, determine the purchase or selling price and perform due diligence as required. We will carefully prepare traceable and transparent analysis for you. In addition we will also, if desired, assist you by participating in the price negotiations.


  • Employee Share Ownership Scheme (ESOP)

We specialize in developing employee share ownership plans based on the company and regulatory requirements.