Corporate Debt Structuring


  • Asset Backed Securities (Securitization of Receivables)

The Trillion Investments Team will facilitate structuring of loans backed by financial assets or receivables. We will carry out a portfolio due diligence, liase with trustees, rating agencies and legal counsels in order to ensure a smooth transaction flow. Trillion Investments draws on their expertise in finance, capital markets, trading and research to give clients the best of securitization finance.


  • Listed and Unlisted Debentures

Trillion Investments offers consultancy on structuring and placing of Listed and Unlisted Debentures which will provide medium to long term funding to corporations. We will liase with trustees, rating agencies and legal counsels in order to ensure a smooth transaction flow.


  • Commercial Papers

Trillion Investments specializes in structuring and placing money market securities to obtain funds to meet short term debt obligations.


  • Loan Syndications

Our team of wealth management experts will supervise the process of involving several different lenders in providing various portions of a loan. Based on our network you will have an opportunity to source multiple lenders who will work together to provide the borrower with the capital needed at an appropriate rate agreed upon by all the lenders.


  • Derivatives / SWAPS / Options

The expertise of Trillion Investments would be made available for firms actively seeking to protect their market risk by entering into off balance sheet risk mitigation techniques. This would entail advising our clients on product suitability and also working with them to institutionalize the necessary legal documents (ISDA).